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Play the greatest nostalgic MMORPG in its early and best incarnation. A Classic Ragnarok Online experience for the modern player.

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Enjoy a classic, balanced and fun experience ~

Hello, and welcome to our server!

EldritchRO is a classic, low-rate Ragnarok Online Private Server, created in the beginning of 2022 with the aim of replicating the traditional experience of the game in its early and best incarnation, staying true to its origins, with minimal balancing changes and QoL improvements to refresh and optimize gameplay.

EldritchRO is an Episode 13.2 ("Encounter with the Unknown"), Pre-Renewal (Classic) Ragnarok Online, with loads of content already available. 26 Towns, 31 Dungeons, 4 instances, tons of monsters, gears, classes, skills, items and much more for players to explore!

Our goal is to preserve the game's original mechanics, making enhancements and correcting eventual imbalances, to always provide our players with a smooth gameplay. Our EXP rates are 5x/5x and our item drop rates have been balanced for a better enjoyment of the game (more details below).

We are committed to providing a balanced, low-rate classic RO experience in a stable, timeless server. A place to chill out, make friends and have fun. Join our server now to experience the nostalgia of the classic MMORPG in the right way. See you on EldritchRO!~


- Max Level Base/Job: 99/70
- Max Stats/ASPD: 99/190
- Instant Cast: 150 DEX
- EXP (Base/Job/Quest): 5x/5x/3x
• Drop Rates ~ (Normal/MVP):
- Common Item Drop: 2x/5x
- Healing Item Drop: 3x/10x
- Usable Item Drop: 5x/10x
- Equipment Drop: 5x/3x
- Card Drop: 10x/3x
- MvP Item Drop: 5x
- Server Epoch: Pre-Re (Classic) Ep. 13.2

Available Content:

- Classes: Transcendent Classes 1-1, Transcendent Classes 2-2, Super Novice, Baby, Soul Linker, Star Gladiator, Ninja and Gunslinger.
- Lots of Cool Content: Rachel Sanctuary, Ice Dungeon, Nameless Island, Thor Volcano, Old Izlude, Old Morroc, Moscovia, The New World: Manuk, Splendide, Satan Morroc and much more!
- Other Features: Boarding Halter, Navigation System, PVP, useful NPCs, player @commands and many QoL improvements.

Main Custom NPCs:

- Healer
- Warper
- Stylist
- Job Changer
- Stat/Skill Reset
- Platinum Skills
- Card Remover/Exchanger
- Universal Rental
- Expanded Tool Dealer
- Gun Dealer
- Ninja Supplier

QoL Player Commands:

- @arealoot
- @showexp
- @whodrops
- @whereis
- @mobinfo
- @iteminfo
- @whobuys
- @whosells
- @autotrade
- @market
- @duel
- @noks

Special Features:

- Prontera Refreshed: A new Prontera map, now a village crossed by rivers with a relaxing BGM and even an underground tavern!
- Adventurer's Inn: A special underground tavern located in the middle of Prontera, a relaxing and gathering point for the adventurers, with a bunch of handful NPCs for resupplying.
- QoL Improvements: Default Walk Speed slightly increased, HP/SP Regen Rates doubled, 30lvl-party-share range, 70% Max Weight + other minimal improvements.

Server Info:

- No Dual Clienting: A player can have their Merchant on @autotrade while playing another character, but is not supposed to be controlling two instances of the game at a time (Bannable)
- Server Security: Custom-Built Backend Security + DDoS Protection.
- Server Location: United States - East


Choose one of the options below to download and play on EldritchRO:

    If you have any trouble, check the README folder. Also, join our Discord to get the latest updates and be part of our friendly community~ ;)